In October 1992 my husband Paul bought me my first pet westie’Angus’-           Angus was a bitch, but we never told her it was a Boy’s name.

March 1993 I attended my first Dog Show, (WHWT Club of England Ch Show, judge  Barbara Hands). Angus was freshly clipped and bathed and smelt lovely! Seeing the dogs at the show made me realise that my much loved pet was ‘no way’ a stunning example of the breed.So that year I attended every show I could manage,watched and made note of the different ‘kennels’ of the type I liked.I studied pedigrees and old and new photos of the breed

In November 1993 I was lucky enough to have the chance to buy a bitch from Miss F.Cook,she was 5 years old and studbook qualified.Her name was Famecheck Full of Charm or Rhoda to her friends.Rhoda was out of Ch Famecheck Full of Hope

I took my Kennel name from Rhoda and her mother,from Famechek Full of Hope we got Famecheck Full of Charm - Hopecharm

When it came to mating Rhoda I took advise from Miss Cook as to which stud dog we could use,she recommended we use Famecheck Tally-Ho.This mating resulted in 1 dog and 1 bitch.We kept the bitch ‘Hopecharm Full of Love’ also known as Hope.Rhoda had complications after the litter and she had to be spayed. ALL the dogs in our kennel are related to Rhoda.

I practised my grooming on Hope and showed her a little.Then I mated Hope to Rishtte Snow Jest and they produced a litter of 4, 2 dogs and 2 bitches.In this litter was my beloved ‘Margaret’ Hopecharm Full of Promise.Margaret did well in the show ring even with me handling her, qualified every year for Crufts and was placed each time we took her.

Margaret has had 3 litters; her first mating to Ch Ashgate Sinclair produced a litter of 8.In this litter was Hopecharm Full of FireJW (Malcolm) , Hopecharm Pollyanna by Ashgate owned by Nellie Bosman in Holland and Hopecharm Hello Dolly owned by Jan Bishop (Palestrina) The second mating was to Ashgate Orcadian; again she had a litter of 8.This litter was very special as my First English Champion was born - Ch Hopecharm’s On A Promise (Daisy) . Margaret’s final litter was back to Ch Asghate Sinclair.This time we had a litter of 6,which included Hopecharm Promise Kept,winner of 1 CC & BOB, owned by Margaret Graham and Jennie Griffith’s Hopecharm Full of Deelite at Karamynd

Margaret has now retired and her favourite pass time is to watch television !!

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Margaret watching TV Her favourite pass time

Danny Animation small

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