Malcolm was only with us for a short time as he was tragically killed in a car accident. In the 25 month he shared his life with us he won the following

Border Union Ch Show

Judge Mr Geof Corish

Best Puppy Dog

South Wales Ch Show

Judge Mrs Lilian Brown

Best Puppy Dog

East of Eng.Ch Show

Judge Mr Derek Tattersall

Best Puppy In Breed

SKC Ch Show

Judge Mr Roger Wright

Best Puppy In Breed

Northern Cairn&WHWTC Open Show

Judge Mrs Julie Farmer

Best Puppy In Show

Manchester Ch Show

Judge Mr Bill Browne Cole

1 st Junior Res.CC

Birmingham City Ch Show

Judge Mr A Thomson

1 st Post Grad+ CC +BOB

Birmingham City Ch Show

Judge Mr Terry Thorn

Terrier Group 4


Judge Mrs Pat Edmondson

1 st Post Grad + res CC

This moving letter was written by my daughter Sarah soon after Malcom died

Hi Mum

I didn't want to see you crying so I've got to let you know......

I know it all seems very unfair right now but as you know God does everything for a reason. You knew I was special right from the start and God knows it too - he decided it was time for me to come home - I know you are going to miss me but I want you to remember there is life after this and I promise I'm going to be watching over you for the rest of yours.

Anytime you're missing me or feel unhappy you just have to look up in the sky and I'll be there - you'll know me, I'll be the star shining the brightest.

I want you to know Mum there'll be another version of me (he won't be as handsome as me of course!!!!) Not just yet but when I think you're ready - I'll be making sure of it!!

Look after Margaret cos she loves you very much (she told me) and make sure you keep the rest of them in line! You know they take liberties given half the chance.

I want to tell you I love you Mum - thank you for believing in me, you should see it up here and I'm still the prettiest of the lot!!

I have to go now - feeding times are different up here (food's crap too) Don't worry I'll be in touch just when you are thinking you've got rid of me! Sarah says she'll pass messages on for me (at last I've found a use for her) You know me if I can't eat it or .... it - it's rendered useless.

Always remember I love you Mum and I'm only ever a thought away.

Speak to you soon (incidentally can I apologise for the gramatical errors but blame Sarah I only dictated it.)

All my love always.

Mr. Malcolm xxx


Malcom as a pup.He is the one in the middle

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